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  • Effective Flash drive protector.
  • Removes common and new thumb drive viruses.
  • Prevents viruses from infecting portable devices.
  • Automatically scans portable drives
  • Password protection disabled in free version.
  • Exception list disabled in free version.
  • Sometimes scans and removes legitimate files.
  • Auto update is disabled in free version.

SmadAV Antivirus


Download SmadAV 2017 (11.3.5) Antivirus latest version:

Download SmadAV 2017 (11.2) Antivirus latest version:


Download SmadAV 2016 (if you want the 2016 version)


Download SmadAV 2015 (if you want the 2015 version)

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SmadAV antivirus Version LogsSmadAV New Fixes
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2017 Rev. 11.3.5
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2017 Rev. 11.2
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2017 Rev. 11.1
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 11.0.4
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.9
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.8.2
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.8
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.7
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.6
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.5
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2015 Rev. 10.4
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2015 Rev. 10.3
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2015 Rev. 10.2.5
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2015 Rev. 10.2
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2015 Rev. 10.1
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2015 Rev. 10.0
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2014 Rev. 9.9
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2014 Rev. 9.8
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2014 Rev. 9.7
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2014 Rev. 9.6
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2013 Rev. 9.2
  • SmadAV 2017 11.3.5 1038 new virus signatures, light speed hard disk and flash drive scanning. New anti-ransomeware settings. Bugs and false alarm is fixed.
  • SmadAV 2017 11.2 bug fixes and improvements, quick mode added for faster Flash drive scanning, added new technology to counter ransomware.
  • SmadAV 2017 new design, added 1040 virus signatures, quick mode scanning, SmadAV anti-ransomware protection and more.
  • SmadAV 11.0.4 added new 220 virus database, new feature (USB Anti-Exe) to help stop unknown programs on USB. Protection enhancement to block Ransomware (Cerber 3 & Cerber 4). Now with faster start-up and explorer bug issue is also fixed.
  • Added new 230 virus database,  installation fail on Windows XP SP2 is fixed, better Smadav Protection Startup, Solved false detection on some clean file, and other improvements.
  • SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Rev. 10.8.2 Fixes compatibility issues on Windows XP SP2 users.
  • SmadAV 10.8 added new 200 virus database, bug that show two tray icons is now fixed, standard and admin user installation support, and other improvements.
  • SmadAV 10.7 added 500 virus database new Total Scan and Quick Scan options, Digital Signature for easy and secure installation is also added.
  • SmadAV  10.6 added 768 new virus signatures and databases, scans flash drive faster than 10.5 version. It now helps prevent ransomeware.
  • SmadAV 10.5 640 new virus signatures added in its database. Now scans flash drive faster than ever and the effectiveness has improved. Some changes in design for better Windows 10 experience.
  • SmadAV 10.4: 800 new virus signatures added, Bundpil virus removal (virus that creates an unnamed folder on flash drive and other portable storage device), New features that automatically restore hidden files in flash drive, SD card, External HDD, and program error fixes.
  • SmadAV 10.3: Added 200 new virus signatures. Improved protection on Portable devices and Browser. Now Windows 10 is supported.
  • SmadAV Pro 10.2.5 bug fixes on display error message (115) in the initial run SmadAV: For users of version 10.2 If you are having this issue feel free to download the updated SmadAV latest version, from the link above..
  • Rev. 2015 SmadAV 10.2 : 950 New virus databse addition, USB and Browser Improving protection, virus cleaning VBS-Houdini, Bundpil, etc. (V10.2.5) Repair message appears (115) in the initial run SmadAV.


  • Rev. 2015 SmadAV 10.1 : Updated virus database 315 and 3992 new virus variants, security features addition for Internet browsing, Facebook virus Cleaning-Share, Autoit, etc.
  • Rev. 2015 SmadAV 10.0 : Changes in appearance and language SmadAV 2015, updated new virus database 212, USB flash Completion of immunization method etc.
  • Rev. 2014 SmadAV 9.9 : Improved automatic update Smadav Pro “Installation Not Found”, updated new virus database 332, additional detection shortcut virus on USB, Completion blacklist method etc. SmadAV Pro is not original.
  • Updated SmadAV Pro “Installation Not Found”: For users SmadAV Pro 9.8 and latest or earlier versions that automatic updates failed, consider re-downloading the installer and manually update Smadav Antivirus.
  • Update SmadAV Pro on “Installation Not Found” issue: For users SmadAV Pro version 9.8 and earlier failed automatic updates, please re-download the installer and manually update SmadAV of this website.
  • Improved automatic update SmadAV Pro “Installation Not Found”, addition of a new virus database 332, addition of virus detection shortcut on USB, Completion blacklist method etc. SmadAV Pro is not original.
  • Addition of a new virus database 651, addition of virus detection techniques shortcut Trasher / Dorkbot and VBS on USB, bug fixes and fault detection programs, etc.
  • Addition of a new virus database 161, addition of malicious program detection techniques on a USB, Completion of the update process SmadAV Pro, etc.
  • Addition of a new virus database 223, the main display changes SmadAV 2014, Completion of the installation process SmadAV, addition of virus detection techniques on a USB, etc.
  • Addition of a new virus database 223, the main display changes SmadAV 2014, Completion of the installation process SmadAV, addition of virus detection techniques on a USB, etc.
  • Addition of a new virus database 229, Support for Windows 8 (SmadAV can be used in Windows XP / Vista / 7/8), the display changes, etc.

SmadAV Antivirus is an Indonesian antivirus that popularity has begun to rise worldwide because of its lightness and effectiveness. SmadAV Antivirus is designed as a second layer security for your PC, but it acts as your computer’s first defense. It scans every plugged portable device in your PC especially from your USB drives.

SmadAV Installation

SmadAV Antivirus installer is very light with only 1.13MB, even if it’s completely installed still, it will only consume 3.12MB of your hard drive space. The update definitions are almost weightless that
averages 120KB per update.

How to install SmadAV?

It’s the same as other anti-malware products. However, if you are not familiar with Indonesian language you must choose the English when prompted. To make the installation wizard English. Then, at the end of installation you will be prompted again to select the language you like, this will affect the SmadAV Interface, in my case I selected the English.


SmadAV Features

SmadAV Antivirus 2016 Scanner

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smadav antivirus 2016-10.7-latest-updates

In this tab, you can do a manual scan in different modes. You can execute SmadAV Antivirus scanner to quick scan, full scan, scan only the system area and deep scan the system area. The SmadAV current report is also located here, from where you can see your scan reports and have it fixed.

In this area also, you can see what type of virus affecting your computer, your registry path and hidden files. Each results offers an option to clean, repair and unhide respectively.

SmadAV 2016 Protect

SmadAV Protect tab is where you can do the manual update, upload our newly discovered viruses that infecting your computer.

SmadAV Antivirus Tools

If you think this small anti-malware is limited with only few tools? You are wrong. The tools tab, is equipped with so many options and settings that’s very useful in removing virus in case your PC gets infected. It has its own Process Manager, System Editor, WinForce, Smadlock.


Process Manager, is like your taskbar processes. This is helpful when virus prevents you from opening your taskbar which is always the case.

System Editor, this where you can Enable/Disable and Show/Hide System Applications, Windows Explorer and Start Menu.

SmadAV Antivirus WinForce, from the word force, this is designed to forcibly open Task Manager, Command Prompt, RegEdit and Msconfig when necessary.

SmadAV Smad-Lock


Smad-Lock, it’s where you lock and unlock your hard drive. It’s not literally lock your hard disk rather it creates a folder wherein you can save your files to prevent viruses from infecting it.


In this tab, you can see the SmadAV Antivirus Basic Settings, Advance Settings (for Pro version only) and the language settings.

Advantages of SmadAV Pro

  • Automatic Update
  • Exception List
  • Minimize/Maximize Interface
  • Change Theme Colors
  • Profit Use
  • Admin Password

Is it worth to go for SmadAV Pro Version? The free version is good enough, but if you are looking for better features like auto-update, exception list and admin password then $4 is worth it.

How effective is SmadAV Antivirus?

It detects my AV tester and USB viruses, however it fails to catch some malware and rootkits which honestly confess by its developer. SmadAV is more on USB protector, aims to protect your PC and portable devices from autorun virus, thus prevent all known worms and trojans from multiplying or infecting your computer devices.


As I tested all SmadAV Antivirus tools and its functionalities, it’s all doing its job as intended. The only failure I encounter is from its Win-Force, out of (4) four, 1 isn’t executable, that is its System Configuration Utility also known as Msconfig.

Have you tried SmadAV Antivirus? Share us your experience.

SmadAV Antivirus 2016
  • Features
  • Effectiveness
  • User Interface
  • Compatibility
  • CPU Usage
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