Techchore.com is a tech-blog, focusing on software reviews, PC and mobile security . It also offers how-to guides and comprehensive tutorials which includes image instructions or video tutorial.
To help tech-ducate (this is just my own vocabulary) each individual on the net, by providing information about virus removal, what software to use and how to use it.
Every Techchore.com visitors will have their tech problems solved and each netizen will become more aware about software, viruses, malwares and their online security.
About the blogger
Don’t call me a geek. I am just an ordinary man, a loving husband to my beautiful wife and a caring father to my two kids. Professionally, I am a freelance Computer and Network Administrator. I maintained about 40 computers a week, from OS installation, software installation, drivers update, virus removal, networking, computer assembly/disassembly, hardware installation/uninstall and more.
As you can see, I am a busy man but during my free time, I blog about my real-experiences that I encounter as I practice my profession. I also include  reviews on my favorite software as well as newly installed software. So, that makes me a part-time blogger at techchore.com.