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RogueKiller 12.3.2
  • Features
  • Effectivity
  • User Interface
  • Compatibity
  • CPU Usage
User Rating 4.71 (7 votes)
  • Effective Malware removal tool.
  • Easy User Interface.
  • No installation needed.
  • Auto-scan upon execution and logs report.
  • 12 languages
  • Slightly affects PC performance while scanning.
  • Settings, logs and quarantine manager disabled in free version.
  • Some false positives.


RogueKiller 12.3.2

RogueKiller Download latest Update:

RogueKiller versionsRogueKiller log changes
  • RogueKiller 12.3.2
  • RogueKiller 12.3.1
  • RogueKiller 12.3.0
  • RogueKiller 12.2.1
  • RogueKiller 12.2.0
  • RogueKiller 12.1.6
  • RogueKiller 12.1.5
  • RogueKiller 12.1.4
  • RogueKiller 12.1.3
  • New version 12.1.2
  • Version 12.1.0
  • Latest update 11.0.14
  • Version 11.0.13
  • RogueKiller 11.0.12
  • RogueKiller 11.0.11
  • Update 11.0.10
  • RogueKiller 11.0.9
  • Version 11.0.8
  • RogueKiller 11.0.7
  • RogueKiller 11.0.6
  • New updates 11.0.5
  • Released version 11.0.4
  • New version 11.0.3
  • RogueKiller 11.0.2
  • RogueKiller 11.0.1
  • RogueKiller 11.0.0
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller
  • RogueKiller


  • New detections (version 12.3.2).
  • Possible crash on Intel files scan is Fixed.
  • Marketing page refactor.
  • A bug in VirusTotal upload leading to files not being sent for analysis is fixed.
  • UI improvments.
  • New detections (version 12.3.1).
  • Additional translations.
  • New detections (version 12.3.0).
  • (Premium) Themes.
  • Clear theme.
  • Naked theme.
  • Dark theme.
  • Changed stats payload.
  • Now displays a warning when Updater is not present.
  • Now opens direct link to setup for Premium user in case Updater not present
  • New detections (version 12.2.1).
  • Transfer progress reset is Fixed.
  • Additional translations.
  • UI hangs bug in old GUI is Fixed
  • New detections (version 12.2.0).
  • Additional translations.
  • A bug preventing from starting the scan on machines with 1 CPU is fixed.
  • New a Quit button (useful when you want to skip close to tray).
  • Links in About tab is Fixed.
  • Check for updates (was not showing outdated when update arrives after the program is started) Fixed.
  • New detections (version 12.1.6)
  • Additional translations
  • Now with better path parsing module, added “cmd start x” method.
  • New detections (v 12.1.5 ).
  • A changelog now shows on Update form
  • RKAdmin link in updater is fixed
  • New detections (v12.1.4 ).
  • Forged files dump to VT is fixed
  • When using wrong bits version there is now a warning display
  • GeoIP results is now shown
  • An issue in updater where RogueKillerCMD wasn’t recognized is fixed
  •  New detections (v12.1.3).
  • Translations updated
  • Default check state in installer is fixed
  • A bug that allowed check state modification of non-removable items is fixed
  • Updater make use of cloud link
  • Cloud link is now being used by feed
  • A bug in GeoIP module is fixed
  • A potential crash in MBR reading is fixed
  • New detections (v12.1.2).
  • Translations updated
  • New detections (v 12.1.1)
  • Translations updated
  • In this version file replacements are made with sfc.exe on Vista+
  • New button to remove trial
  • A bug in Chrome scanner preventing the scan from starting is fixed
  •  New detections (v 12.1.0).
  • Tools menu added
  • Hosts File Tools menu (Premium) is added
  • Translations updated
  • A bug in context menu actions is fixed
  • New detections (v 12.0.3).
  • New indonesian language
  • New more translators names
  • A bug in AutoStart/AutoDelete fixed
  • A bug preventing to quit on Update Fixed
  • A link to Lost license form is added
  • New detections (v12.0.2 ).
  • New crash dump form
  • A bug that showed steps not supposed to run is fixed
  • Translations / Fixed typos updated
  • New Data column in scan results
  • Autoscan Fixed
  • Autoremove Fixed
  • W hen an item is detected, scan progress live detection shows in red
  • A bug that led to driver state being wrong in reports fixed
  • Change of user interface (v12.0.1 ).
  • New detections
  • Driver loading moved at the beginning of the scan (v11.0.14 ).
  • Expert mode introduction
  • During scan, processes no longer killed (killed at removal, on demand)
  • IAT scanning was moved into expert mode
  • Version 12 core preparation
  • New detections
  • Signatures loading was moved at the beginning of the scan (v11.0.13) .
  • V12 core preparation
  • New detections
  • New detections (v11.0.12).
  • A bug in Files module is fixed
  • A bug in Web module is fixed
  •  New detections (v11.0.11).
  • New detections (v11.0.10).
  • Translations updated
  • New detections (v11.0.9).
  • 2.1 new Updater version
  • Installable version can noe be served by Updater
  • Skip licensing page is now possible if already registered
  • New detections (v11.0.8).
  • fixed digital certificate for SHA1 of TrueSight v2.0.2
  • Turkish language included
  • translations Update
  • New detections (v11.0.7).
  • ADS whitelisting/blacklisting
  • New additional detections (v 11.0.6).
  • New licensing API
  • New additional detections (v 11.0.5).
  • license key verification when entered
  • New additional detections (v 11.0.4).
  • New additional detections (v 11.0.3).
  • New translations in setup
  • Better translations
  • Buffer search bug solved (v 11.0.2).
  • New detections (v 11.0.1).
  • Possible bug in scanner solved
  • Possible issue in COM module solved
  • New rating link in marketing window (v 11.0.0).
  • Able to detect ADS (Alternate Data Streams)
  • Qt 5.5
  • Transfered Prescan into Scan
  • Improved IAT scan is able to scan Microsoft Edge
  • Improved hooks report for kernel hooks
  • Truesight v2
  • Kernel hooks are scanned on userland
  • Bug in COM module solved
  • Software keys detection addition
  • Registry path signatures addition
  • New detections
  • New detections (v
  • A possible hang issue on HTTP calls (timeout broken)
  • Better setup ability to deploy both version (32/64 bits) soled
  • Better setup banner and translations
  • A possible crash in junctions data parsing solved
  • New detections (v
  • A bug that closed the app when closing child window when minimized in tray solved
  • Reportpath command line parameter addition
  • User Interface tweaks
  • New detections (RogueKiler
  • New detections (RogueKiler
  • A bug in licensing engine, leading to a lost of configuration sometimes SOLVED.
  • A bug in processes module where main module was not good SOLVED.
  • A bug in processes module where Updater was crashing if a very long command line was passed SOLVED.
  • New warning when driver is not loaded. (RogueKiler
  • Microsoft Security Client as legit parent for svchost solved.
  • New Premium label in reports(Premium).
  • New translations update.
  • New information for external scanner (tab in settings) (Premium).
  • Application closes in tray and persist (Premium).
  • Scan from the tray icon is now possible (Premium).
  • A bug where services/windows were not scanned solved.
  • A bug where filesystem was not properly scanned solved.
  • Rebranding moved to Premium Technician (RogueKiler
  • Crash Buffer module problem | Solved
  • More detections (RogueKiler
  • Translations updates
  • Rebrnding moved to Premium documented features
  • Addition of timeout for file shortcut resolution (better performance of filesystem scanner)
  • IAT scan progress problem solved (progress reset after process scan)
  • Chrome sandbox IAT hooks is whitelisted
  • NEW! Added an option to limit time validity of portable config files (Premium Technician)
  • Improved performance of filesystem scanner (scan is now much swifter)
  • RogueKillerCMD: Added -dont_ask switch (to eliminate all user interactions and use default actions RogueKiler
  • More detections
  • Excluding of wow64cpu enter from inline hooks detection
  • Memory growth while scanning filesystem|solved
  • Addition of filter on VirusTotal internal submit (no user file)
  • Better shellcode module detection in inline hooks module
  • Now inline hooks architecture detection relies on import module architecture instead of process
  • Table-based hooks have cleaner display in logs (module!export)
  • IAT scan is now much swifter because only scanning windows DLLs table
  • A bug in modules enumeration on 64 bits | Solved
  • Bug in IAT parser | Solved  (
  • Bug in Disk module | Solved
  • Now Updater restarts application using same command line parameters (
  • More detection

RogueKiller is a standalone malware removal tool that specializes Rogue malware (also known as Fraud tool, fake antivirus and considered as another form of ransom malware) detection and removal. It also eliminate both known/unknown trojans, rootkits, worms and other sophisticated malicious threats such as; ZeroAccess or TDSS.

Executing RogueKiller will stop and kill malicious start-up, malware services, malicious processes and hidden processes. All types of Hijacks will also be easily spotted and repaired such as; shell, hosts, proxy, DNS, DLL and registry hijacks — including malicious Master Boot Record.

RogueKiller is not an Antivirus alternative , it has no realtime protection. In fact, it failed to detect compressed EICAR test file. However, ironically it detects malware that antivirus missed.

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RogueKiller Operating System Compatibility


RogueKiller runs in Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 both 32 and 64 bit.


How it works?

  • Once downloaded simply run the .exe application to launch.
  • In your first launch, it will automatically scan your computer, wait until finished.
  • After the initial scan, click the scan button to completely scan your PC.
  • When done scanning, browse each tabs to check the results.
  • Delete those malicious files and leave the others that you want to keep.


RogueKiller scan-results color coding

  • Red – Malicious software or malware infections. Usually, this will be automatically removed.
  • Orange – PUP’s or Potentially Unwanted Programs. Like the malicious application this will be automatically stop, healed or deleted.
  • Gray – Suspicious software. RogueKiller lets you evaluate this possible threat. Delete or keep, it’s all up to you.
  • Green – This is SAFE. You don’t to worry about these files, it’s highlighted just for record purposes only.

Still confuse on RogueKiller scan results? Keep or Delete? To help you, simply read the documentation here.


When should you use RogueKiller?

You can run RogueKiller as malware removal tool or computer malware-finder anytime or when you think your computer is infected by malware. It’s one way of taking care your system. As we all know, Antivirus isn’t enough these days — and there is no reason you won’t give it a try. It’s totally FREE and UPDATED almost every week.


By using RogueKiller you are now 100% sure that you are running a GENUINE ANTIVIRUS not a FAKE one.

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How about you, what is your RogueKiller experience? Do you think its good enough against malware? Your input and opinions will be highly appreciated.