Whatsapp Web FAQ | How to use Whatsapp Web on PC


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What is Whatsapp web?


WhatsApp Web is an extension of your Whatsapp messenger on your phone. It is accessible both on your computer and phone through a web browser but it is commonly used on PC. What does it mean? Every time you send and receive messages from your phone you can see all the same messages on on your PC and Vice versa.

It is not a secondary account. You are just using the same account on different devices. In this case, you are just syncronizing your phone’s Whatsapp messenger and the Whatsapp web on your computer. Does it make sense? I have my phone, why should I use Whatsapp Web? Quite a good question, isn’t it?

However, it is just an option. You can use it or you may opt not to. In my personal experience, it gives me flexibility because sometimes it’s hard to keep opening my phone while working on my desk.

If you have a strict boss that doesn’t want to see you using your phone while working, it may of great help. To keep you updated and still be able to receive your messages without opening your phone.

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The good thing about it is that, you can take advantage of what can Whatsapp messenger offer to your smartphone on your PC. It’s the free text messaging with internet connection of course.

There are a lot of advantages and reasons why you should use it. The very fact that many are using it, it really made someone’s life better. So, how to use Whatsapp Web?

How to use Whatsapp Web?

Let us first take a look at its minimum requirements:

  • Your smartphone must have Whatsapp installed.
  • A stable Internet connection for your PC and WiFi or 3G/4G Data Internet on your phone.
  • Your browser must have the latest update or version. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and others are fine.

To start using Whatsapp Web please follow the following 4 easy steps;

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  • Download and install Whatsapp messenger on your phone via Google Play Store. Follow the wizard instructions such as; input your phone number, wait for the confirmation code and so on.
  • Open the URL https://web.whatsapp.com/ on your PC’s browser. You must see a QR code, if you don’t see anything, just refresh or reload the page.

Whatsapp Web login

  • On your phone, navigate to three vertical lines and select “Whatsapp Web”, upper right of your Whatsapp interface.

Whatsapp Web free

  • Whatsapp Web are now ready to scan the QR code on your computer using your phone’s camera. Simply bring your phone towards your computer to scan the QR code. It’s easy, just like you are doing a video recording. Wait until it’s done.

How would I know that the synchronization between my Whatsapp messenger on my phone and Whatsapp Web on my computer is successful?

The web browser will open the Whatsapp message interface where you can readily type and send messages. On the other hand, to receive messages too. Like the image below.


Things to remember to keep using Whatsapp Web

  • Your phone must be always connected to the internet. If not,  Whatsapp Web will be automatically disconnected.
  • To save Internet Data or avoid Data charges, turn off your Cellular Internet Data because every time you send or receive Whatsapp messages, you are using Internet Data. Unless, otherwise you are connected to a WiFi connection.
  • In order to send or receive messages from your contacts, their phone must also be using Whatsapp messenger.

Do you have any idea to share about Whatsapp Web? Did you encounter problems on synchronization? How about scanning the QR code, does it gives you any issues? Please feel free to share it with us at the comment box below.

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