How to unlock CM Snap too many pattern attempts


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How to unlock CM Snap V1 & V2 too many pattern attempts?

Unlock CM Snap how-to guide. A good friend of mine brought his old device to me for repair. The problem is not in the phone but his memory. He forgot his CM Snap pattern lock. Due to many failed attempts, the problem is elevated to his phone becoming inaccessible at all.

The second problem is, he also forgot his Gmail password. So, I asked him if he has important data in it. He replied that he needs his contacts, pictures and other files. The good thing is he saved almost all of his files on SD card and some of his contacts are also saved on his SIM card.

As he left, I told him that I will do my best to keep everything but I will not promise. He nod in agreement.

Honestly, the easiest way to unlock CM Snap pattern lock is to hard reset or to restore it in factory default settings. However, since I will try to save all of the files I have to try other ways first; besides hard reset is not always an option. There are instances that it may not work because phones couldn’t enter into Android System Recovery mode.

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Possible Solutions

  • Input + Select all + copy + paste trick.
  • Using the Researchdownload tool.
  • Hard reset
  • Restore Factory default settings.

How to unlock (Cherry Mobile) CM Snap pattern lock using Research download

Please be guided before doing this, save all your important Data if you can or just remove your SD and SIM cards.

  • Download ResearchDownload tool: here.
  • Download USB Driver: here.
  • Cherry Mobile CM Snap Packet: CM.pac.
  1. Extract the USB driver and install.
  2. Download and remember the location of your CM Snap Packet.
  3. Unrar the ResearchDownload tool and run it.
  4. Click the “Load Packet” button at the top-left, search for the CM Snap packet.
  5. Select it and click open.
  6. Click “Start downloading” button.
  7. Remove your phones’ battery and re-place it.
  8. Hold “Volume down” and connect your CM Snap phone.
  9. ResearchDownload should start flashing, you can now release the volume down button and wait until it finish flashing CM Snap.
  10. If finished, you now have a clean CM Snap. All of the problems are now gone including the pattern lock.


How to hard reset CM Snap?

As what I have said earlier this is the easiest method to unlock pattern lock of CM Snap. It is also helpful on solving other issues, like apps incompatibility, freezing and etc.

  • See to it that you have at least 60% battery power.
  • Press and hold “power button + Volume down + and home” simultaneously.
  • Wait for the Android System Recovery like the image below

unlock CM Snap System-recovery-mode

  • Use the volume button to select the “Wipe/data factory reset” and press “home” button to confirm and reboot your CM Snap.
  • However, if you did not get into Android system recovery, instead you see the image below.

unlock CM Snap unable to get into Android System Recovery

  • It means that this method is not for you. Don’t worry; the next method will surely work.

How to unlock CM Snap by restoring factory default settings?

This sounds easy. Indeed it is, but if you forgot your pattern lock there is no way you can access your settings. What if you are able to access your settings? Still you can’t do a restore factory default settings, not until you draw the right pattern lock.

However, providing this method may also helpful to anyone with different situation. Remember, before following this guide save all your important data, remove your SIM and SD cards. So here it is.

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  • Go to “Settings” and then select “Privacy”.
  • Click the “Factory Data reset”.
  • You will then be prompted “This will erase all data from your phone’s internal” and an option to also erase files from your SD.
  • Lastly, press “Reset phone”, to restore your phone to its default settings.

How to unlock CM Snap too many pattern attempts?

Call this trick whatever you want, unusual, funny, ridiculous, so on and so forth but it works 100%. If you will follow the step by step guide slowly but surely, there is a big chance that your CM Snap will be usable again. CM Snap pattern lock will be no more. So, let’s start.

  • Into your “To unlock, Sign in with Google account” window, click the email field.


  • Type anything in it, as in whatever, as many characters as you want.
  • Then, click the “pencil icon”.


  • Click “Select all” → “Copy” → “Paste”, do it over and over again. Until your phone reboot itself. Wait for about 1 to 2 minutes. If nothing happens, long-pressed the power button.


  • When CM Snap opens, click the “Home” button, you can now access everything in your phone. However, this is just temporary. It will be locked again after seconds of inactivity or if you press the power button.
  • So, to solve that issue, try to connect it with WiFi or through mobile data.

Unlock CM Snap Pattern lock

  • Go to “Settings” → “Accounts and Sync” → “Add account” → “Select Google” and follow the wizard accordingly until finished.
  • Go back to “Settings” → “Accounts and Sync”. Click the new Gmail account that you just created and sync contacts, Gmail and Calendar.
  • Go to “Settings” → “Applications/Apps” → “Manage Applications” → “All” tab.
  • Select and clear the cache & data of the following applications; Gmail, Google calendar, Google Contacts, Google Partner setup, Google Play Store, Google Search and Google Services Framework.
  • Then click “Google Play store”, you will be prompted which account you should use. Select the account that you just created. Remember your Gmail account and password. If Google Play Store accepted your new account, click the “Power” button.
  • Now, in the email and password field, input your new account and password. Voila! You just unlock CM Snap pattern lock.

Congratulations! You can now use your (Cherry Mobile) CM Snap Android phone. If you have any new idea on how to unlock CM Snap too many pattern attempts that’s not in this guide. Feel free to share it at the comment box below. It will be highly accommodated with much appreciation.