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Sponsored links Blog Directory hit by Malware?

UPDATE: As of April 29, 2014, resolved the Malware issue.

Topblogs the Top Blog Directory in the Philippines and considered as one of the Top Blog Directory in Asia is hit by Malware?

Just this morning I was surprised that my blog, cannot be opened and blocked by Google Chrome. The image below appeared instead of my blog. As what the information states in the image, “Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page.”
topblogs hit by malware
As part of the, I was saddened that a decent Blog Directory like has become a target of the Bad Guys out there. I know the Topblogs team are doing everything right now to remove this Malware so that we can all get back soon.
In the moment, if you are a blogger and use the script to monitor your blog visitor, I advise you to temporarily remove the script. To make your Blog still accessible and be spared from ill-effect it may bring. Especially if you are a part of the Google Adsense.

Why is being targeted by Malware.

In my own opinion because it is a Blog Directory that consist not just hundred but thousands of Blogs. While it doesn’t really affect your Blog script and structure it has a big effect in your Blog Accessibility. Come to think of it, how many blogs are now inaccessible as of this writing. How much damage it has done. The Google adsense may ban your site because of this.
To all my fellow Bloggers, please temporarily remove your script. Though, Internet Explorer still displays your blog but keep in mind that Google Chrome has become the dominant browser worldwide. Aside from that, for your visitors safety just get rid of it until the TopBlogs team resolve this vulnerabilities.
Yes,  if you love your visitors, take it out, this is just for a moment. As I tried to open Blog that still using script in Internet Explorer, a pop-ups appears, asking to change anything in users PC using Control Panel, UAC and Command Prompt, which we all know, that it is very vital.
I will keep you posted for any development, I hope team will resolve this the soonest possible. Please help disseminate the information especially to our fellow bloggers.
Top Blogs that temporarily remove Script are ilonggotechblog and pinoytechnoguide.

UPDATE: As of April 29, 2014, resolved the Malware issue.


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