How to remove browser’s history and cookies?


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Browser’s history and cookies are helpful in our online life, but if you value security and privacy more, removing it is the best thing to do.
 How are we going to do it? 
We have top three browsers in the world, namely; google chrome, mozilla firefox and internet explorer. Each of which has a different settings. Therefore, we will be erasing its history and cookies in three different ways.
Benefits of removing browser’s history and cookies.
1.  Safety and security
You will feel safer and secured even if you forgot to log-out your account because once the history and cookies are deleted it will ask new information.
2. Privacy
You will maintain your confidentiality, from all of your online activity. It  is also safer for children there are no ways that they can view adults visited site.
Disadvantages in erasing browser’s history and cookies.
1. Starting over again
Everything is fresh in your browsers, you will have to input your entire log in credentials anew. It may take a little time and effort but it doesn’t outweigh safety, security and privacy.

How to remove browser history & cookies in google chrome in three (3) clicks?

1. Click the “Customize and control google chrome” icon (upper right of browser)
2. Select “history”
3. Tick “clear browsing data”

You  can check more boxes if you wish, just don’t forget to select the “beginning of time” in the obliterate the following items from drop box. To erase all stored data.

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How to remove  browser history and cookies in Firefox in four (4) steps?

1. Click the “firefox” menu (upper left of the browser)
2. Go over “options” (Make sure that you are in “privacy” tab)
3. Pick the “clear your recent history”, you will be prompted with a “time range to clear” drop down box. Choose the best option for you.
4. Repeat “step no. three(3) but this time in “remove individual cookies”. Again pick out the best choice (remove or remove all)

How to clear away browser history in Internet explorer in three(3) moves?

1. Click “Safety”
2. Pick “delete browsing history”
3. Mark the appropriate boxes and strike “delete”

Sweeping browser history and cookies doesn’t guarantee 100% safety but it may help. It has also its own drawback. Nonetheless, this post may help you evaluate the right action to take.