7 signs of virus infected Flash Drive


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Signs of Virus infected flash drive

signs of virus infected flash-drive

Flash drive is a PORTABLE STORAGE DEVICE some prefer to call it ELECTRONIC STORAGE DEVICE. It has been baptized with various names such as: Removable drive, Pen Drive, Portable disk and Data Traveler. It is now the widely used portable device making the previous dominant Diskette, obsolete.

What makes it better than Diskette?

The obvious reason is the size. Diskette has a total capacity of 1.44 mb while Flash Drive on its first launch already able to store about 16 mb, it’s 13 x greater. And it continues to evolve, as of this time of writing the highest storage capability of USB reaches to 64 gigabyte.

Second is the reliability. Yes, it is more reliable compared to Diskette. I would say 100 x more reliable. With today’s virus evolution, diskette cannot handle it anymore. It became an easy and more fragile target, leaving its users more prone of losing important files. One instance of diskette’s unreliability in my experience was, I saved my files in it using my PC, but when I tried to open it with another machine it won’t. So I brought it back home and I was able to reopen it using my PC. However, after a week I cannot open it anymore, even using my own PC. Therefore, I conclude diskette isn’t really reliable, for me it is only designed for file or data, transfer it is not for storage purposes. Thanks Flash Drive was made.

You mean Flash Drive is invincible from viruses?

No! With its auto run capability, it can easily get and spread viruses. So, what should we do then? Know the signs of virus infected Flash Drive and get rid of it the soonest possible before it becomes a headache on your part. What are the signs of virus infected flash drive? Let us find out.

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1. It shows two folders. 

Most Flash Drive’s autorun automatically after inserting it into a PC, so if you see two (2) folders, something are wrong inside.

2. It has unrelated options after you right click it. 

Please note that unrelated options that you may encounter may differ from the image below. Therefore take note the normal options; if anything added or new options appear, your Flash Drive may be infected.

3. “Removable disk icon” replaced by a “folder icon”

4. No icon at all.

5. An error appears when opening.

Please take note that the error you may come across may differ from the image below, this is just one of many possible errors if your Flash Drive is being infected by virus. Somehow, you can still open it by typing the drive letter of your Flash Drive in the “windows explorer/address”

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6. It shows “open with” options.

This usually happens when you open your Flash Drive but instead of seeing your files “open with” options come into view.

7. Flash Drive opens in new window. 

This symptom is the most overlook one. Normally after double clicking your Flash Drive, it must be open in the same window but if it opens in new, then something’s wrong.

Update! The latest signs of virus infected flash drive that create a shortcut which is now the most common signs of virus infected flash drive.

Shortcut Virus.

It has two types, the most common one is (files and folder shortcut virus), it mimics your data  with shortcut icons of your files and folders. The other one is the (Thumb Drive shortcut virus), it hides and enclose your files in a folder and replace it with (Pen Drive shortcut). To get more info about it, visit: How to remove shortcut virus on Flash Drive.

Have you experienced all the seven signs? If not all, which one? How about the latest sign?

Upon knowing the seven (7) signs of  the virus infected Flash Drive, you may now have the knowledge of determining if your Thumb Drive is infected or not. But it will be of no use if you don’t know how to heal it or remove the viruses inside it. Check this post to know how. How to remove viruses inside Flash Drive.

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