Malwarebytes runtime error: solved

How to fix Malwarebytes runtime error?

Malwarebytes, known to be as the best Anti-Malware in the world but, it doesn’t mean, it’s free from errors . Like any other software, it is not perfect, from time to time it may encounter problems. That is the very reason, why there is a so-called “software updates” or “Patches”. To assist and resolve certain issues on software, and to make it better.
Malwarebytes runtime error

Common runtime errors of Malwarebytes

  • Malwarebytes runtime error 0
  • Malwarebytes runtime error 372
  • Malwarebytes runtime error 80010108
  • Runtime error 440
  • Runtime error 5
  • Runtime error 383
  • Runtime error 13
  • Runtime error at 57:177
  • External exception EO6D7363

If I will list everything, all the Malwarebytes run time errors that I encountered, it will populate this whole post. Thus, I have listed only a few of many Malwarebytes runtime errors.

Do runtime errors make Malwarebytes a bad choice?

Of course not, it is a very good software. In fact, it is my primary Anti-malware defense. Runtime errors are out of Malwarebytes control. Runtime errors also affect many softwares not just antivirus and anti-malware, even Microsoft products encounters runtime errors.

Causes of Malwarebytes runtime errors

  • Malwarebytes files are corrupted such as .dll and other important files needed to run Malwarebytes. This problem is usually due to accidental deletion by the user, sudden power interruption, antivirus false positives and a possible malware attack.

  • Hard drive bad sectors and other hard drive problems. Sometimes resetting your computer or turning it off improperly affects your hard drive performance and memory. It may not be able to read certain programs or software properly, on next start-up.

  • RAM issues. Maybe your RAM is too old already and needs replacement, or it just can’t work properly because of dirt. RAM, like the Hard drive, there is a big tendency that it may read applications improperly when it’s not in good condition, leaving Malwarebytes unreadable and displaying runtime errors.

How to solve Malwarebytes runtime errors?

1. In most cases, a  simple uninstall and reinstall of Malwarebytes will solve the problem. However, uninstalling Malwarebytes via windows control panel will not help. Even deleting its registry keys through regedit. So, I will go straight to the method that works one hundred percent, that is to use Malwarebytes unistaller.

  • The first thing you should do is to download the Malwarebytes’ mbam-clean.exe or here this is the ultimate Malwarebytes uninstaller.
  • Once downloaded, run it by double clicking, follow the instructions and it will automatically restart your computer.
  • After the restart, fresh install Malwarebytes. In case you don’t have the latest version, feel free to download it Malwarebytes 2.0.1. You should be able to install and run Malwarebytes now.

How to solve Malwarebytes runtime errors if the problem is the hard drive?

2. Go to “start” –>> “run” –>> type “cmd” –>> then type the drive of the partition that you want to check disk ex: c:, d: and etc. After choosing the drive letter type “chkdsk”. Wait until it is finished, if it says, it needs to restart to fully check your hard disk then, do as per instructed. When the chkdsk is done, repeat no.1 instruction above.

How to solve Malwarebytes runtime error if the problem is RAM?

3. Just follow the instruction in this post Signs of RAM problems. Then, repeat the number one (1) instruction.

How to solve Malwarebytes runtime error if the problem is antivirus and malware attack?

If the cause of Malwarebytes runtime error is the Antivirus false positive, then simply add Malwarebytes from your Antivirus' exclusion list.

However, if the Malwarebytes runtime error is due to malware attack, uninstall it as per instruction in number 1 above malwarebytes runtime error Then, unhide your file extensions such as (ex. .txt (notepad), .docx word, .exe  for installers) and so on, just follow this post How to unhide file's extension in step 1 or you can simply go to your "folder option" and in "view" tab follow the settings in the image below and click apply.

After unhiding your file extension, you can now rename Malwarebytes installer both the name and the extension (from mbam-setup- to or Please take note, after renaming your Malwarebytes installer the appearance of the installer may change but don't be bothered.

Please take note that renaming malwarebytes with .com extension is recommended, to keep it executable.

runtime error malwarebytes

Why you need to rename your Malwarebytes installer? To hide Malwarebytes from malware attack that causes the runtime error and preventing Malwarebytes from being installed in your computer.

Lastly, double click your renamed Malwarebytes installer to install fresh Malwarebytes. Don't forget to update Malwarebytes and scan your computer.

Have you experience Malwarebytes runtime error? What did you do? Share it with us.


  1. Thank you so much Sir, you solved our Malwarebytes runtime error problems, not just one but three runtime errors that I and my friend recently encountered after uninstalling the Malwarebytes 2.0 Beta and installing the 2.0.1 free version.

    I use the number one method and it works. You saved my time effort. More power to you blog.

    1. Hello johnny, I am pleased that I helped you fix your Malwarebytes runtime errors. There are times that if Malwarebytes wasn't completely uninstalled it may cause runtime errors. I once experienced the same situation but the method one above is really the ultimate solution of Malwarebytes runtime errors, granting that there is no hardware issues.

  2. This is for Crushed, who encounter ShellExecuteEX Failed; code 115 error while trying to install Malwarebytes.

    Please try to run your renamed Malwarebytes installer as administrator it will solved your Malwarebytes issue.

  3. I'm have the same issue as crushed where I'm receiving a ShellExecuteEx failed; code 1155 error while trying to install malwarebytes with the .com file extension. My question is how do I run the installer as an administrator when that option is not given?

    1. Hello Alston, thank you for raising your malwarebytes runtime error problem here. To address your problem, try first to safemode your computer by rebooting it and pressing F8 continuously until you see the "advance boot option". Select the safemode or safemode with networking, log in as administrator then click YES. Once you are in safemode, run your Malwarebytes as administrator, just make sure that your Malwarebytes anti-malware is totally uninstalled using the mbam-clean uninstaller.

      In case you can't log-in into safemode, copy this address Download it, you can put it inside a cd or flashdrive and boot it to clean your computer. Afterwards, install your Malwarebytes anti-malware.

      I hope this will help you solve your Malwarebytes runtime error issue. If not, feel free to come back and share your situation.

  4. Thanks! Method #1 worked for me.

    1. Hello Cgo, I am very glad that my article helps you solved your Malwarebytes runtime problems.

  5. my problem is that I do not riesc malwarebytes just to install correctly, even better, during the installation process I get the error continuously, at the end of the installation the software does not party, I do not know how to do!!

  6. Hi Simone, can you tell me the error code? Have you tried all the methods above?

  7. Awesome article ...worked for me!

    1. Hello B Kul, it's good to know that this post helped you solved your malwarebytes runtime error and thank you for your appreciation . :)

  8. Hey,

    I can't downald the files to unistall malwayrebites (and test the #1)

  9. Hi Youri, I just updated the link, thank you for letting me know. You can now try the malwarebytes uninstaller to solve your malwarebytes error.

  10. well $%^&*. I started here hours ago and didn't read it right I guess. #1 was the fixed I used after finding it on another site 6 hours later

    1. Hello Walldoo99, fixed #1 is indeed the best solution for Malwarebytes runtime errors. It can solve almost all runtime errors of any kind. Thank you for visiting.


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